Changing Times - the Next Step to Becoming Who We Are

This workshop will deal with the challenges we each face within ourselves. We will examine and call into question what we perceive as the purpose of our lives and what we need to confront so that we are able to move forward in order to master the path each of us walks. It will support us to define what blocks our ability - Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally and/or Physically - preventing us from embracing the fullness of who we are as beings.
In service to this goal, these are some of the issues we will address and explore: Why are you here? What are the challenges you face? How do each of us come to terms with the war we all have or have had inside ourselves? How does that effect us and our children? What do the changes on the planet, the prophesies that people are talking about, mean for us all?
There are lots of questions and together we will find some answers.
We will use Psychodrama, a 24 hour Vision Quest, Shamanic Journeying, Cultural Values and stories and other methods, seeking guidance and direction as we work with the challenges we each face.
Come and discover you and the wonder we all are!
Leader: Shirley Eagle Claw Woman Barclay
Time: Sat 20/7, 4 pm – Sat 27/7, 2 pm
Place: Lönnsätter, Östergötland
Price: 7000:-, including tea and coffee
Renting a bunk bead: 500:-/week. No cost if you pitch your own tent. To get as much as possible from the work we do it’s preferable if you stay in Lönnsätter the duration of the workshop.
Intrested in participating, contact Nauð 0737 666 616 or